Lice and Egg Shampoo plus metal comb and magnifying gluss

Price: $24.95

A safe and non-toxic Lice & Egg Shampoo to remove lice, eggs (or nits) from the hair.

LiceGuard special shampoo loosens the grip of the lice and eggs make it a lot easier to comb them out. Clinically tested, our Lice Shampoo found to remove 3 times more lice and eggs than just combing alone. Getting rid of eggs is critical to fasten the process to a clean lice free hair.

The non-toxic and pesticide-free shampoo does not contain any dangerous pesticides such as Pyrethrum or Permethrin it is safe to use and it is environmentally friendly.

LiceGuard’s Lice Shampoo special formula will soften and condition the hair, make it easier to comb and pull out the lice. It has a great smell and a great cleaning abilities leave fresh scent and soft hair free of lice.

Ttogether with a professional long steel teeth comb creates a perfect kit for lice and eggs removal. The magnifying glass will help you to inspect the hair.