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Head Lice Products

Australia’s most trusted name for treating nits is – Robi Comb.

At Robi Comb, we believe in quality over quantity. We only stock the best head lice products because we want to make things simple, easy and effective for our valued customers. We want to take all the unnecessary hassle out of ridding your family of nasty nit infestations.

If you’re looking for a completely mess and substance free head lice product then you cannot go past our electric lice comb. This amazing product detects, prevents, and kills nits electronically – with the ease of combing your hair. Thanks to its unique design and patented technology it reliably kills nits, even if they have become immune to the standard chemical treatments. With over 10 years of proven success it is safe for use by adults and children from age 3 and up and operates on a single AA battery (not included).

The repellant spray is another one of our superb head lice products. It is completely free of pesticides, is non-toxic and made of all natural ingredients, ensuring that no one in your family is being exposed to harsh chemicals unnecessarily. Application is super easy – just a quick spray on the hair each day will work as a protective barrier, repelling nits.

Let Robi Comb take all the hassle and stress out of the process with our amazing range of our head lice products. Australia-wide shipping is available and free in certain cases. Browse the online store today.

Replacement Teeth

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Robi Comb Pro

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