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In order to terminate the nit lifecycle and stop them from reproducing, head lice treatment is very important. Killing all young ones will prevent them from growing into adults and reproduce more eggs.

  • To help with removing eggs and nits the Lice Guard Shampoo is a great help. It is non-toxic and helps to soften the hair. It is clinically tested and is one of the best head lice treatments in Australia.
  • Use a fine metal comb to complete the nits treatment.

Head Lice Treatment Products

LiceGuard Repellent Spray is a non-toxic pesticide free substance. Just one application will provide all day protection. The LiceGuard patented formula is made with natural ingredients that repel the bugs. LiceGuard Repellent is quick and easy to use directly on the hair every day and protects against the transfer of nits from other children, hats, coats, helmets, etc.

Other important tips:

  • Kids should avoid a direct head to head contact.
  • Avoid sharing hats and combs.
  • Use hot water to clean brushes and combs after use.
  • Avoid sharing beddings and pillows.
  • Hot machine washing and hot dryer can use to eliminate presence on clothing
  • Vacuum the floor and furniture in order to collect fallen hair/eggs.

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