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The LiceGuard® Family of Products

For over 10 years, LiceGuard® Brands have been dedicated to the development of safe, effective, non-toxic Head Lice products. Working with a team of world renowned researchers and scientists in the field of entomology (science of insects), LiceGuard® successfully developed a line of non-toxic lice prevention and lice elimination products.

The LiceGuard® Nit Comb  

LiceGuard® Nit Comb is the best standard lice egg comb on the market.
The blunt (rounded) edges provide extra comfort and prevent abrasions of the scalp.
Teeth are made of top quality Stainless Steel.
The comfort grip handle is made of advanced polymer.
LiceGuard® Nit Comb contains no cavities, ensuring guaranteed, hygienic cleaning.
Lifetime guarantee.
Used by health and hair care professionals.

The LiceGuard® Lice Repellant 


LiceGuard® Lice Repellent - the best way to keep lice away! Non Toxic and Pesticide Free.
A product for all those who want to AVOID getting infested with Lice or prevent re-infestation! 
24 hour protection.

Extensive clinical tests prove that children treated daily with Head Lice Repellent Spray remain lice free, even in a lice infested environment.

For children already infested, LiceGuard® Lice Repellant can help end the lice cycle.  


The LiceGuard® Egg Remover Shampoo 
A non-toxic and pesticide-free shampoo that TRIPLES the number of nits and eggs removed through combing.
Restores hair damaged by other lice killing products that contain harsh toxins or pesticides.
Safe for daily use.

Use daily for removing egg lice from the hair
Smells great
Gentle formula



LiceGuard® Lice Treatment System


A combination of the 3 successful products will work to remove lice and keep lice from coming back!

Comb to REMOVE, Shampoo to PROTECT and repellent to PROTECT.  Click here to see the Lice Treatment Flow Chart using LiceGuard® lice prevention products together with Robi Comb!